In the latest development, an Indian-origin professor Lakshmi Balachandra filed a lawsuit against the Wellesley Business School, Massachusetts after she was subjected to racial and gender discrimination. Lakshmi Balachandra stated that she lost various career opportunities, faced economic losses, emotional distress and harm to her reputation after she was mistreated in the Wellesley Business School due to her gender and colour. She said despite her research record, expressed interest, and service to the college, she was denied numerous leadership positions and opportunities for more time to conduct research and write.

In the lawsuit filed, Lakshmi Balachandra called out a professor and called him primary direct perpetrators of the discriminatory work environment. She added that he used to lose his temper and scream at female staff. Lakshmi Balachandra said when she tried to confront Andrew about the same, he became hostile and began yelling, stating that Balachandra had no right to question his judgment.

Who is Lakshmi Balachandra?

Lakshmi Balachandra worked as associate professor of entrepreneurship at Babson College. She joined Babson college in the year 2012 and ended her tenure in 2019. Later she joined Wellesley Business School, Massachusetts as the associate professor. Lakshmi Balachandra is currently on leave for a fellowship at the National Science Foundation.

Meanwhile, Babson College has replied to allegations put against them. It said that the institution takes concerns or complaints seriously and has well-established protocols and resources in place to thoroughly investigate and address them. It assured to investigate the case thoroughly and take further action.

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