The United Kingdom is still not able to move on from the brutal rape & murder case of Sarah Everard by a (then) off-duty Metropolitan Police constable Wayne Couzens who identified himself as a police officer, handcuffed her, and placed her in his car before driving her to near Dover where he raped and strangled her, before burning her body and disposing of her remains in a nearby pond. The murder of Sarah Everard exposed multiple loopholes in the Met police department and under it a name called Samantha Lee popped up. On Tuesday, a former Metropolitan police officer named Samantha Lee who investigated Wayne Couzens over two indecent exposure incidents hours before he kidnapped, raped and murdered Sarah Everard has been barred for life from the police service after being found guilty of gross misconduct. Notably, Samantha Lee quit the Police department to join OnlyFans and has now been found guilty of gross misconduct following a disciplinary hearing. Now, the question arises who is Samantha Lee, and what the panel found regarding the OnlyFans model in the gruesome murder of Sarah Everard? To know the answer continue reading-

Who is Samantha Lee?

Samantha Lee is a former Met Cop who quit UK forces to make a career in OnlyFans. Samantha Lee OnlyFans account name goes by 'Naughty Officer'. Samantha Lee is 29 years old and has been found guilty of conducting a 'sloppy' and 'unprofessional' investigation after Sarah Everard's murderer Wayne Couzens flashed in front of female staff at a drive-through of McDonald's in Kent on 14 and 27 February 2021. Notably, just three days later after the flashing incident, Wayne Couzens committed the heinous crime of murder & rape.

Notably, the flashing incident in Swanley, Kent, was reported to the police by a horrified fast food worker on February 28, 2021. Notably, the horrified staff had noted the registration number and also a black seat was identified as belonging to Couzens. However, the CCTV footage was not reviewed and no enquiries were made regarding Couzens' Mastercard number. Notably, at that time, Samantha Lee was based in the South Area Command Unit. She was the first person on the scene on March 3 - the day Sarah was kidnapped. During the panel hearing, Samantha also lied saying that she believed the CCTV was deleted as the Manager Sam Taylor had told her that the drive-through CCTV delete automatically, however, other footage clearly showcased Couzens' car.

How netizens reacted to 'Naughty Officer'?

A user wrote, "DC Samantha Lee, was supposedly investigating PC Wayne Couzens for repeatedly exposing himself well before he killed Sarah Everard. In fact, she was exposing herself as ‘Officer Naughty’ on OnlyFans. She’s now an ‘Ex-British Met Police Officer’ after being convicted of misconduct"

"Maybe #SamanthaLee could've focused more on her work and less on her false eyelashes and painted on eyebrows when investigating #WayneCouzens And yes I know he was the evil bastard in all this, he could've been stopped," wrote another user.

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One more user wrote, "So Samantha Lee who is the ex met cop who supposedly quit the force cos she was setting up an onlyfans page as Officer Naughty turns out to be the same ex cop who failed to investigate Wayne Couzens which then led to Sarah Everard being killed!!"

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