Christman came early for an Australian man after he hit jackpot when he recently discovered a gold nugget worth almost $250,000 in the southeastern state of Victoria. The gold digger is said to be an amateur who found the rare and lavish nugget weighing 4.6 kilogrammes, with gold making up almost 2.6 kg of the weight, in an area known as the 'Golden Triangle' between Bendigo, Ballarat, and St Arnaud. Now, people of Australia and the world are curious to know about the gold digger and have been asking who is the amateur digger hit that jackpot by only using a metal detector? To know the answer continue reading-

Who is the gold digger?

The amateur digger only used an amateur metal detector called 'Minelab Equinox 800 detector' worth $800 to make the discovery. The piece has been named 'Lucky Strike Nugget' after it was taken to a prospecting shop by the name 'Lucky Strike Gold'. Shop owner Darren Kamp was in disbelief when he first saw the rock with the unaware owner asking if the find could fetch him even $10,000. “Do you think there’s $10,000 worth in it?”

Kamp, who often has to deal with customers coming in with false hopes regarding their find, quickly evaluated the piece and said the ballpark figure of the piece of rock in his hand was anywhere north of $100,000. "I looked at him and I said try $100,000," Kamp was quoted The Guardian adding "He [owner] said ‘but that’s only half the rock, the other half is at home." After getting hold of the entire rock, Kamp arrived at the current figure which is primarily due to the soaring gold prices which are nearing global record highs. "I’ve been prospecting for 43 years. And I haven’t seen a specimen in this amount of gold in my 43 years of prospecting. Maybe in the 1850s there was probably a few found, but in today’s terms it’s very rare," Kamp added.

It is pertinent to mention here that last month a man named Edwin Castro won a little over $2 billion lottery prize in the US. Castro bought the winning ticket at a Los Angeles convenience store in November 2022, when he matched all five winning numbers and the Powerball number, beating the odds of one in 292 million. Sky News reported the man saying that he was “shocked and ecstatic” after the win. He became the 1,292nd richest person in the world according to the latest Forbes billionaires list, thanks to his win.

Who is Edwin Castro? Man who won $2.04 Billion Powerball Jackpot in the US

What is Golden Triangle?

The 'Golden Triangle' has been famous for centuries and has witnessed multiple gold rushes.As per the geological survey of Victoria, there could be 75 million ounces of gold in the region. Stawell and Bendigo zones hold the greatest potential for gold and at a depth where most modern drilling techniques can be used to reach easily.

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