Sports fans and Americans have been lambasting the commentators after they were caught laughing on air at Utah State Cheerleader who could not hold back her emotion during the Missouri vs Utah state match on Thursday. Missouri on Thursday defeated Utah State in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament. As a result, Utah State' fans were left heartbroken including the female cheerleader. Although there were emotions evident inside the court, it was Utah State cheerleader who broke the internet when the commentators were caught laughing when she was crying. Given that the Tigers came into this one as a No. 7 seed and the Aggies were a No. 10 seed, nobody was expecting the end result to be much different than what it ended up being. With 1:19 remaining and the Aggies trailing the Missouri Tigers 73-61 (they ultimately lost 76-65), the camera panned toward the crying Aggies cheerleader. After the match the girl's crying moment went viral on social media and it started spreading like a wildfire. In fact, Americans started to wonder and search who is Utah State Cheerleader.

Who is Utah State Cheerleader?

True Scoop News tried to dig for personal information and the name of the Utah State Cheerleader, however, it could not find (while writing) much about the girl who broke down seeing her team lose. However, True Scoop News brings you some top reactions of people and the cheerleader's video from Twitter-

Americans react at Utah State Cheerleader crying video

A user wrote, "I can now confirm the Utah State cheerleader is a senior and that Sean Bairstow is her boyfriend. Tough ending to a college career for both!"

"This Utah State cheerleader is everyone who pick Utah State right now" wrote another user.

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Another user wrote, "TNT broadcast zooms in on the crying Utah State cheerleader, brutal"

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