Who is the girl? MVSU cheerleader escorted from court after altercation with Alabama A&M player

Smith Dailin made contact with the cheerleader, who immediately looked back to see who hit her. And she did not take it nicely.

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In a bizarre incident, a college basketball match between Mississippi Valley State and Alabama A&M turned out to be ugly and controversial when security were called in to escort a cheerleader out of the court. Yes! you heard it right. In a rare incident, a cheerleader was ejected from a college basketball game after having an on-court altercation with a player. As per Fox, Mississippi Valley State and Alabama A&M were tied at 63 with just over three minutes left to play in their conference game following two made free throws. But, on the inbounds pass, Alabama A&M’s Dailin Smith got a bit too close to a cheerleader while she tried to do a stunt on the baseline. Going by the video, US media has reported that Smith made contact with the cheerleader, who immediately looked back to see who hit her. And she did not take it nicely.

Now, the cheerleader escorting video is going viral. In the video, it can be seen the cheerleader was doing a front hurdler jump when forward Dailin Smith, who was inbounding the ball, appeared to accidentally hit her leg. After this, the cheerleader was not pleased. When the play stopped for something, the cheerleader walked right up to Smith to confront him. Infact, when the cheerleader got to Dailin, she actually appeared to push him a little bit and it can hear someone screaming for security on the live broadcast. "They're gonna put one of the cheerleaders out of the game," the broadcaster said. "It's getting real heated here."

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Now, the question arises who is the cheerleader that got ejected from the court? The US media has kept the name of the girl as a secret and till now it is not known who actually the girl was and why she lost her calm on the basketball court.

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Talking about the game, Alabama A&M won the game 70-68 on a last-second shot in double overtime by junior guard Messiah Thompson. The Bulldogs improved to 10-15 overall and 6-6 in league play with the win. The Delta Devils fell to 3-23 and 2-10.