Who is Vikas Oberoi? Gayatri Joshi's billionaire husband who met with an accident in Italy

Accident claims lives of senior swiss couple: Vikas Oberoi and his wife, actress Gayatri Joshi

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Renowned Mumbai-based real estate mogul Vikas Oberoi and his wife, actress Gayatri Joshi, known for her role in Shah Rukh Khan's 'Swades,' were recently caught up in a harrowing car crash in Italy, resulting in the tragic loss of a senior Swiss couple's lives.

The incident unfolded as a group of sports cars, including a Ferrari and Lamborghini, attempted to overtake a camper van on a winding road.

The fateful collision

The ill-fated collision led to a near catastrophe as both high-end sports cars came perilously close to tumbling. Tragically, the Ferrari carrying the Swiss couple burst into flames, claiming the lives of Melissa Krautli, 63, and Markus Krautli, 67.

The shocking incident was captured on video by the dashcam of another vehicle, revealing the sequence of events as the sports cars followed each other closely. The blue Lamborghini, carrying Vikas Oberoi and Gayatri Joshi, collided with the van before skidding off the road.

Here’s the video of the shocking incident captured by the dashcam of another vehicle:

Now the question arises, who is the Mumbai-based property magnate Billioniare Vikas Oberoi, to know the answer keep reading ….

Who Is Vikas Oberoi?

Real estate tycoon:

Vikas Oberoi serves as the Chairman and Managing Director of Oberoi Realty Ltd, a prominent real estate company known for its luxurious suburban condominiums. The company, founded by Ranveer Oberoi three decades ago, has diversified investments in housing, corporate, hospitality, and retail.

Ownership of Westin Hotel:

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Beyond real estate, Vikas Oberoi is the owner of Mumbai's renowned Westin Hotel. He is also in the process of developing Mumbai's first Ritz-Carlton hotel and residences.

Additionally, Oberoi Realty Ltd is undertaking the construction of a mall, hotel, and office tower in midtown Mumbai, as reported by Forbes.

Educational background:

Vikas Oberoi is an alumnus of Mumbai University and has also pursued studies at the prestigious Harvard Business School in the United States.

Personal life:

In 2005, Vikas Oberoi tied the knot with actress Gayatri Joshi, and the couple is blessed with two sons.

Passion for aviation:

Beyond his business endeavors, Vikas Oberoi's interests extend to sports cars and aviation. He holds a pilot's license and enjoys flying his Cirrus SR22 Tango aircraft. Additionally, he has a penchant for reading, traveling, and skiing, as reported by The Financial Express.

As the investigation into the Italy crash continues, the tragic incident has sent shockwaves through the community, highlighting the importance of road safety and responsible driving.