Who is Jeevan Singh? Converted Sikh from Tamil Nadu to contest LS elections from Hoshiarpur

Jeevan is contesting the elections as a candidate of Bahujan Dravida Party (BDS), which he leads

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Jeevan Kumar, who left Tamil Nadu and came to Punjab, has now become Jeevan Singh by adopting Sikhism. He is a Supreme Court lawyer and is contesting the Lok Sabha elections 2024 from Hoshiarpur’s parliamentary seat of Punjab. Some of his friends from Tamil Nadu are campaigning door to door.

Jeevan Singh's aim for contesting elections is to social change by establishing a casteless society and empowering marginalized communities.

Who is Jeevan Singh?

The 51-year-old Supreme Court advocate Jeevan Kumar had come to Punjab and settled there some time ago. He had adopted Sikhism and became Jeevan Singh. Jeevan is contesting the elections as a candidate of Bahujan Dravida Party (BDS), which he leads.

Jeevan Singh says that he entered the elections to give a new progressive direction to the society. He was assigned the sugarcane farmer election symbol. Jeevan claims that people are fed up with the anarchy of the traditional party and are thinking of a new alternative.

Along with Jeevan Singh, some of his friends have also come to Punjab from Tamil Nadu for their election campaign, which include Selva Kumar alias Selva Singh, Korkai Palanisamy Singh, Rajan Singh, Seetha Kaur, Manivasagam, Asiriyar Shanmugasundaram Singh, and Naga Vamsa Pandian Singh. As per reports, he currently stays at the Gurudwara Sahib of village Raipur in Sham Churasi area of ​​Hoshiarpur. From here he leaves for election campaigning every day with his supporters and colleagues.

Jeevan Singh candidate profile (As per 2024 affidavit):

Jeevan Singh is 51 years old and is a post graduate with an MA in Political Science from Annamali University, Tamil Nadu. He has assets worth Rs 4,45,75,000 with 0 liabilities or criminal cases. He is an advocate by profession.