Who is Johnny Somali? US streamer arrested for passing lewd comments on Israeli woman officer on live stream

Johnny Somali was on live-stream when he started to pass lewd remarks so that he could flirt with the Israeli woman officer.

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In a bizarre development, an American Kick streamer named Johnny Somali broke the internet after being arrested by Israeli Police after he abused a woman officer on duty. Johnny Somali was on live-stream when he started to pass lewd remarks and disrespect the Israeli woman officer. Johnny Somali Israel Video is going viral on X and netizens are in shock as to why the Kick streamer carried out such an act. Now, the question arises who is Johnny Somali and what is the entire controversy revolving around him?


Who is Johnny Somali?


Johnny Somali is a live streamer whose real name is Ismael Ramsey Khalid. Johnny Somali, 24, is a Somali-American. On YouTube and other video-streaming platforms, Johnny Somali mostly streams himself as a tourist traveling in different countries. He began streaming in May 2023, after getting banned from Twitch. Johnny Somali moved to Kick before receiving temporary suspensions from Kick.


Johnny Somali has been embroiled in multiple controversies. For the unversed, during his visit to Japan, Somali made anti-Japanese taunts towards the Japanese people living there, which included comments about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and threats of bombing Japan with nuclear weapons.


Johnny Somali's Arrest in Israel


Going by Johnny Somali's arrest video, the streamer hosted an IRL broadcast from Israel. At one point, several police officers arrived at a particular location. Seeing this, Johnny Somali started hurling abuses at an Israeli woman officer. 


In the viral Johnny Somali's Israel video, he can be heard screaming, "Oh, you're a bad b*ch. I swear to god. You're a bad bch. I'll take you to dinner, I swear to god, I'll change your life. I'll change your life, I promise you. You're a bad bch right here. I'll change your life, baby girl. You don't need to work for these ni**s no more. I'll change your life."


The woman officer seemed uncomfortable. A few moments later, a male police officer approached Somali and told him to back off. While the streamer argued that he "was on the sidewalk," the officer grabbed him, and the situation took a turn for the worse.


After the Israeli cops grabbed the streamer, Johnny Somali started to explain that he is an American and that they should leave him. Johnny Somali said, ""Okay, okay, okay! I'll go. Relax! I'm on the sidewalk. I'm from America, what are you doing?! I'm going! I'm going, n**a, what the f*k? I'm streaming!"


"Oh s**t! What am I going to jail for? I'm from America! I'm from America! USA! My phone, my phone!" added Johnny Somali. 

The video ended with Somali being placed in a police car.


After being released by the cops, Johnny Somali reportedly streamed again and stated that he witnessed a shootout in a restaurant in Israel. Johnny Somali stated that he was eating in a restaurant when a shootout took place. 

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