Who is Justen Lipeles? Madonna sued for forcing a concertgoer to watch 'adult act without warning'

A man named Justen Lipeles has accused he "was forced to watch topless women on stage simulating adult acts" during Madonna's March 7 concert at Kia Forum venue.

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Everything was going on a positive note for Madonna in her Celebration world tour when she was slapped with a lawsuit by her own fan. As per reports, the Queen of Pop- Madonna has been sued by a concertgoers for allegedly showing him adult act without any warning. A man named Justen Lipeles has accused he "was forced to watch topless women on stage simulating s*x acts". In the lawsuit filed on Wednesday in Los Angeles, Justen Lipeles, made a series of allegations regarding her 7 March concert at the Kia Forum venue in the city. The concert’s promoter, Live Nation, is named alongside Madonna as a defendant. Now, the quotion arises who is Justen Lipeles and what is are his accusations against Madonna?

Who is Justen Lipeles?

Going by his social media profile, Justen Lipeles hails from California, Redondo Beach. In his lawsuit, Justen Lipeles informed that he bought four tickets at $500 (£390) each, which stated that the concert would start at 8.30pm. Lipeles’ lawsuit complains that the concert actually began at 10pm, claiming: "Defendants did not provide any notice to plaintiff that the concert will start at a later time."

Justen Lipeles also outlined the lack of arrangements made by the organizers at Madonna's concert. Justen Lipeles's lawsuit says, "The temperature inside the Kia Forum was uncomfortably hot as required by Madonna who refused to allow the air conditioning to be turned on."

The plaintiff was duly 'profusely sweating and became physically ill as a result of the heat. When fans complained about the heat, Madonna unreasonably told them to take their clothes off."

Further, during most of the performance it was apparent to plaintiff that Madonna was lip-syncing. “During the performance plaintiff was forced to watch topless women on stage simulating sex acts. Plaintiff felt like he was watching a po*nographic film being made.”

Lipeles is suing for breach of contract, negligent misrepresentation, unfair competition, false advertising and emotional distress. Justen Lipeles's lawsuit further says that Madonna’s actions were "intentional, extreme and outrageous", and "such actions were done with the intent to cause serious emotional distress or with reckless disregard of the probability of causing … serious emotional distress".

Madonna's 7 March concert

True Scoop News tried to fact check Lipeless' claims and it found out that Madonna's concert indeed became heated in terms sensuality. Multiple topless performers including men and women performed strip tease on each other. Madonna's March 7 concert video is also going viral on social media. 

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