Who is Kanchan Joshi? Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal's first wife & college-life 'sweetheart'

Deepinder Goyal fell in love with Kanchan Joshi when he was studying in IIT-Delhi and pursued her for six months.

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In what came as a pleasant surprise as well as shock, Zomato Founder & CEO Deepinder Goyal married a Mexian model & entrepreneur named Grecia Munoz. As per reports, Deepinder Goyal married Grecia Munoz over a month ago and they returned from their honeymoon in February 2024. While neither Grecia Munoz nor Deepinder have confirmed their marriage, multiple reports quoted a source saying that Grecia Munoz & Deepinder Goyal are now married. If reports are true then Grecia Munoz is the second wife of Deepinder Goyal. Before this, Deepinder Goyal was married to Kanchan Joshi. Now, the question arises who is Kanchan Joshi, Deepinder Goyal's first wife? Below is everything you need to know- 


Who is Kanchan Joshi?


As per reports, Deepinder Goyal married Kanchan Joshi in the year 2007. Deepinder Goyal fell in love with Kanchan Joshi when he was studying in IIT-Delhi. In an interview with Forbes, Deepinder Goyal talked about his love life and had revealed that he pursured Kanchan Joshi for 6 months. Deepinder Goyal had revealed that they were both in the same department - Mathematics and Computing. Kanchan Joshi was doing her MSc in Maths and they would often meet in the labs. 

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During that time in the interview, Deepinder Goyal had revealed that Kanchan Joshi is now working as an Assistant Professor at Delhi University. In 2013, their daughter Siara was born. 


It is pertinent to mention here that Deepinder Goyal never announced publically that he got separated with Kanchan Joshi. However, there are pics going viral that shows Deepinder Goyal partying with his alleged second wife Grecia Munoz.


Who is Grecia Munoz?

As per reports, Grecia Munoz is a former Mexican model who is now working on her own startup that deals in luxury consumer products. Grecia Munoz's Insta bio says, "Born in Mexico… now at home in India". Furthermore, Grecia is the winner of Metropolitan Fashion Week 2022. In January, Grecia Munoz visited India and had also shared her pictures from her Delhi visit with the caption, "Dilli Darshan."