Who is Kulwinder Kaur? Suspended CISF personnel accused of slapping Kangana Ranaut at Chandigarh Airport

Kangana Ranaut had to take a connecting flight to Delhi from Chandigarh Airport when she was slapped by a constable-rank CISF woman officer Kulwinder Kaur.

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A major controversy erupted on Thursday evening when Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut was on her way to Delhi after winning the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Kangana Ranaut had to take a connecting flight to Delhi from Chandigarh Airport when she was slapped by a constable-rank CISF woman officer Kulwinder Kaur. Kangana Ranaut Chandigarh Airport video went viral on social media in which Kulwinder Kaur seemed in anger screaming and telling people that Kangana said women sit for Rs 100 at the farmers' protests. It indicated that Kangana Ranaut's remarks on farmers protest triggered Kulwinder Kaur. In response, CISF suspended Kulwinder Kaur, and an FIR was lodged against her. Now, the question arises who is Kulwinder Kaur, CISF personnel who slapped Kangana? Below is all about CISF personnel Kulwinder Kaur- 

Who is Kulwinder Kaur?

Kulwinder Kaur is a resident of Kapurthala, Punjab. Kulwinder got married 6 years ago in Jammu and her husband is also a CISF Jawan. Kulwinder has 2 children-.a daughter who is 6 to 7 years old and a son who is 5 to 6 years old. She was posted in Chandigarh for two and a half years.

The CISF personnel's brother Sher Singh reportedly said that he came to know about the incident only from the news. He further said that there is nothing wrong in supporting the farmers' movement. "Farmers are fighting for the country. I am associated with the Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee. Kulwinder is younger than me. She has been in service for 16 years. She has previously been posted in Kerala, Chennai and Amritsar. She was never seen angry," said Sher Singh. 

Interestingly, after Kangana accused Kulwinder Kaur of slapping, multiple social media users and even a self-proclaimed fact checker claimed that the Mandi-elect MP refused to keep her phone in the try during checking. This sparked an argument between Kangana and Kulwinder. Ultimately, Kulwinder lost her calm and slapped her. However, a few moments after that, Kulwinder Kaur video went viral and it clearly showcased that the CISF personnel was not happy with Kangana's previous statement on farmers protest. 

Kangana Ranaut fires fresh remarks on Kulwinder Kaur

Kangana on Friday morning went to her Instagram stories, where she shared a tweet by former Indian Army Officer Gaurav Arya, who had written on X: “CISF Constable Kulwinder Kaur who attacked Kangna Ranaut will be punished. She may lose her job. That is what she probably planned all along. This whole thing about supporting the farmer’s protest is utter nonsense.”

“Kulwinder Kaur has just entered politics. If Beant Singh’s son can win just because his father assassinated Indira Gandhi and Amritpal Singh can win because he looks like Bhindranwale, Kulwinder Kaur will receive support, too.”

Sharing the tweet, Kangana wrote: “This makes most sense to me, she strategically waited for me to cross her and in a signature Khalistani style quietly came from behind and hit my face Without saying a word.”


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