Who is Pradeep Dhaka? Insta influencer accused of disrupting Delhi traffic for making reel

Instagram influencer Pradeep Dhaka shared the video on his social media handle in which he along with another person were seen making a reel on the Paschim Vihar flyover.

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A video is going viral on social media that has fumed netizens and sparked demands of arrest from the Delhi Police. In the viral video, two men who are reportedly Instagram influencers disrupted the traffic in Delhi just to make a reel. As per reports, the Instagram influencer parked his 'gold-plated' pick-up truck in the middle of a flyover in Delhi putting a halt to entire traffic. The viral reel was reportedly shot on a flyover near Paschim Vihar in North Delhi during rush hour. Instagram influencer Pradeep Dhaka shared the video on his social media handle and ever since then netizens on X started tagging Delhi and demanded strict actions against him. Now, the question arises who is Pradeep Dhaka?


Who is Pradeep Dhaka?


Pradeep Dhaka is an Instagram Influencer who has a massive fan base of 846K followers. Pradeep Dhaka is quite frequent on social media. Pradeep Dhaka aka pradeepdhakaking shares his lavish lifestyle with his fans on social media. Notably, Pradeep has deleted his video after it went viral. Going by his Instagram bio, Pradeep Dhaka is in the Real Estate business. Not only this, Pradeep Dhaka is involved in Financing and Production. 


Interestingly, Delhi Police has taken action in a case where an influencer set a Police barricade on fire in his Instagram reel. Interestingly, the same gold-plated Isuzu D Max pickup truck which was used to block the Paschim Vihar flyover for shooting a reel a day ago, was seen in the new viral video.


Delhi Police in a statement was quoted by a newswire saying, "One person has been arrested after a video went viral on social media in which some youth were burning a barricade of Delhi Police to make a reel. An FIR was registered in Nihal Vihar police station on Friday and the accused seen in the video has been arrested. Attempts to arrest the other accused are underway."


It is pertinent to mention here that Delhi Police has not revealed which influencer was arrested. 

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