Who is Rajat Dalal? Fitness influencer arrested for kidnapping & assaulting student

In the FIR filed by the student, it has been alleged that Rajat Dalal abducted him and forced him to apologise by torturing him by smearing cow dung in his face, forcing him to clean toilets & assaulting him.

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Social media influencer & fitness trainer Rajat Dalal on Wednesday was arrested by Ahmedabad Police for kidnapping, assaulting, and torturing an 18-year student. Rajat Dalal is a famous fitness influencer but remains in the limelight over his social media beef with other influencers. In the FIR filed by the student, it has been alleged that Rajat Dalal abducted him and forced him to apologise by torturing him by smearing cow dung in his face, forcing him to clean toilets, and even urinating on him. Talking about Rajat Dalal's arrest reason, the fitness influencer's beef with the 18-year-old started on Instagram. The student reportedly shared a video from a gym, filmed Rajat Dalal and shared it with the caption, "Every morning, seeing your face at the gym ruins my day." This Instagram video reportedly infuriated Rajat Dalal and resorted to such brutality. Now, the question arises who is Rajat Dalal?

Who is Rajat Dalal?

As per the FIR filed, Rajat Dalal is working as a fitness trainer in a gym present on Chandkheda Crematorium Road. Dhyan Lodha, a resident of Sarvottamnagar Society near D-Cabin and a first-year BCA student filed an FIR with Sabarmati police against Rajat Dalal. 

Rajat Dalal often remains in controversy and has increased his fame over multiple social media beefs. Rajat Dalal had also threatened YouTuber Carryminati after he posted a roasting on him. Later, Carryminati deleted a few parts where he roasted Rajat Dalal and even issued public apology. 

Not only this, Rajat Dalal had jumped into Maxtern and Elvish Yadav's controversy. Notably, gamer Maxtern was assaulted by Elvish Yadav and later it was Rajat Dalal who helped them both resolve their issue with each other. 

Thereafter, Rajat Dalal got involved in a social media beef with another fitness trainer from Meerut. However, they sorted out their issues amicably. 

Before this, Rajat Dalal was involved in a beef with powerlifter Singha. There were unconfirmed reports that Dalal assaulted Singha over their social media beef. In the end, powerlifter Singha aka Sourav Singh Rajput sent his written apology to Rajat Dalal. 

What are the accusations against Rajat Dalal?

The 18-year-old student Dhyan Lodha in his FIR revealed that people routinely clicked selfies with Rajat Dalal. On May 1, he uploaded a video on his Instagram account which said that Dalal had ruined his day by showing his face in the morning. This angered Rajat Dalal, who phoned Lodha on Tuesday morning and came to his house. When Lodha went to speak to him, Rajat Dalal and his two friends pushed him into an SUV that did not have any numberplates and took him to a cowshed in Chandkheda.

At the cowshed, Rajat Dalal allegedly put cowdung on Lodha’s face and made him apologise for posting the defamatory video. Dalal and the two others took him to the common plot of Green Palace Society where he forced Lodha to beg forgiveness while holding his ears. The three then took him to a flat where they allegedly forced Lodha to clean a toilet and beat him constantly. Lodha stated that he then blacked out and when he regained consciousness, Dalal was urinating on his face.

Rajat Dalal also made the student do squats in front of his mother and showed her the post shared by him. They left the spot after which the student went to a hospital. 

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