Who is Sergey Kosenko? Dubai tycoon from Russia surprises wife with 'stairs made with cash' gift

Sergey Kosenko who is famous by the name of Mr Thank You took to his Instagram and shared a video that contained various pictures and videos of his life

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Dubai business tycoon cum influencer Sergey Kosenko has taken the internet by storm after he gave an unusual yet lavish surprise to his wife. Sergey Kosenko who is famous by the name of Mr Thank you took to his Instagram and shared a video which contained various pictures and videos of his life. Although the video was shared last year, Sergey Kosenko's surprise gift for his wife recently went viral. While the video contained many lavish moments, one clip caught everyone's attention when Sergey Kosenko was seen welcoming his wife outside a helicopter and making her walk on a pile of cash. The pile of cash was arranged in such a way that it resembled to stairs. Now, the question arises who is Sergey Kosenko? Below is all about Sergey Kosenko- 

Who is Sergey Kosenko?

Born in Russia, Sergey Kosenko is an entrepreneur and social media personality famous by the name of Mr. Thank You. Sergey Kosenko's Instagram account enjoys a whopping 7.2 million followers. He often shares insights on several subjects such as his relationship with his girlfriend, candid moments with his kid, and traveling.

Based in Dubai, Sergey Kosenko reportedly is a well known person in the world of real estate industry and NFTs. Sergey Kosenko has founded "Amazy," a groundbreaking lifestyle app that offers cryptocurrency rewards. Apart from this, Sergey Kosenko has also established "Habibi Real Estate" in Dubai with a property portfolio worth $50 million. As per reports, Sergey Kosenko's networth is nearing $500 million. 

In 2022, the Russian millionaire ventured into the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by launching "Amazy" with Artem Nikolaev. Amazy is a lifestyle app that rewards physical activity with cryptocurrency, reflecting Kosenko's interest in the convergence of technology and lifestyle.

Notably, Sergey Kosenko is not new to controversies. In January this year, Sergey Kosenko came under the scanner of Russian authorities after his video went viral on social media. As per Nexta, the Russian State Duma called on the Investigative Committee to check blogger Sergey Kosenko over a video of him throwing his two-month-old son into a snowdrift. The head of the State Duma Committee on Maternity, Fatherhood and Childhood, Nina Ostanina, called the blogger's act "not just immoral, but criminal." The blogger, in turn, said that the video did not show a real baby, but a doll.

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