Who is Shahzad Bhatti? Pakistani Mafia Don speaks up on viral Lawrence Bishnoi video call

A video clip showing the notorious Pakistani Don on video call with jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi had gone viral.

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A video clip of Pakistani Mafia don Shahzad Bhatti on video call with jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi went viral on social media. Now, Bhatti has given clarification in the video call case of Lawrence, the mastermind behind Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala’s murder case. Bhatti has uploaded a video on Instagram offering clarification. He claimed that he is not answerable to the Indian news coverage. He further said that he is loyal to the Pakistani Army and agencies and will provide full support to them if needed. But a pertinent question arises, who is Shahzad Bhatti, and why would Lawrence Bishnoi call him. Here is what we know:

Who is Shahzad Bhatti?

Shahzad Bhatti has connections with Pakistan's land mafia and big gangsters of the underworld. Due to which Pakistan has also banned Shahzad Bhatti. Shahzad Bhatti's network also runs in America, Canada, Pakistan, Dubai and other countries. He runs the entire network along with his boss Farooq Khokhar.

There are many videos with Farooq Khokhar on Shahzad's Instagram account which has 21.9k followers (at time of writing). Farooq Khokhar is a resident of Balochistan in Pakistan and is also called the mafia of this area.

Farooq also has a good hold on the political level. Farooq is such a person from Pakistan, who has raised a lion and moves with his big convoy. Be it Pakistan or Dubai.

What did he say about the video call?

Bhatti uploaded a video on Instagram giving full clarification about the matter. Here is what he said:

“Everyone knows that news of me and Farooq Khokhar bhai is being shown on Indian news channels. In which there is a video call with Lawrence. First of all I say that I am not answerable for the news of India. I am answerable to my country, my army, agencies and police. When they will ask me, I will tell them when I received their call, when I talked to them, how long ago it was, who uploaded the video and how the video was uploaded”

Apart from this, I am not in a position to answer to anyone. Long live my Pakistani institutions, Pakistan Army, Pak agencies too. My life is always on the line for them. Whenever my institutions call me, I will go.

If I am guilty of anything or I have talked to them  more than 2 times, or I am involved in anything, have done bad to Pakistan or even thought about doing bad to India, then I am ready to face punishment.”

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi is currently lodged in Sabarmati Jail in Ahmedabad. He was shifted here from Tihar in September last year. He is believed to be the mastermind behind the assassination of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala.


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