Who is Tajmul Haque aka JCB? Alleged TMC MLA aide flogs couple over illicit relationship in 'Taliban-style' punishment

Tajmul Haque aka JCB's video sent showaves in entire India as it reminded them of 'Taliban-style' punishment Chopra, West Bengal.

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Trinamool Congress (TMC) has come under fire after Tajmul Haque aka JCB's video went viral on social media. Tajmul Haque aka JCB was seen flogging a coiuple- man & woman on charges of illicit relationship put on them in his own Kangaroo Court. Tajmul Haque aka JCB's video sent showaves in entire India as it reminded them of 'Taliban-style' punishment. Tajmul Haque carried out the bizarre crime in full public glare in Chopra in Uttar Dinajpur. After his video went viral on social media, Tajmul Haque was arrested by police in Islampur. JCB was absconding ever since his video went viral. Now, the question arises who is Tajmul Haque aka JCB and why is TMC is fire the ire of opposition? Below is what we so far- 

Who is Tajmul Haque aka JCB?

As per OPIndia, Tajmul Haque aka JCB is said to be a local goon. JCB was reportedly running a Taliban-style 'quick justice' through his 'Insaf Sabha' (Kangaroo Court). The report suggest that Tajmul Haque is a close associate of Chopra MLA Hamidur Rahaman.

In fact, TMC MLA Hamidul Rehman reportedly backed the Taliban-style attack by claiming that the victim was 'spoiling the society' and had 'loose character.' Rehman further said that public flogging was part of the rules of 'Muslim Rashtra.' 

CPIM's West Bengal State Secretary Md Salim on his X profile wrote, "Not even #KangarooCourt ! Summary trial and punishment handed out by d ⁦@AITCofficial⁩ goon nicknamed JCB.Literally bulldozer justice at Chopra under ⁦@MamataOfficial⁩ rule...He who made this video now is ousted from his house. Such is the TMC’s rule in the liberated zone of Chopra under the supervision of @WBPolice....CB aka Tajemul who is mercilessly attacking the lady is also the main accused in the murder of Com. Mansur Alam...@CPIM_WESTBENGAL..Murderers remain at large, travesty of justice continues in Bengal. Courtesy: @MamataOfficial & @abhishekaitc Continuation of @SuvenduWB model."

It is pertinent to mention here that due to fear of mob attack on Police station, Tajmul Haque was reportedly transferred to Islampur from Chopra. 

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