Who is Trisha Kar Madhu? Bhojpuri actress breaks the internet again with 'Trisha Kar Madhu Ka Viral Video'

Trisha Kar Madhu's real name is Trisha Khan and for years she has been associated with the Bhojpuri film industry.

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Famous Bhojpuri actress Trisha Kar Madhu on Friday broke the internet and became a trending topic online. Trisha Kar Madhu Ka Viral Video became one of the most searched topics by the Bhojpuri fans. After 3 years, Trisha Kar Madhu has broken the internet again. Back in 2021, the Bhojpuri actress infamously got limelight over Trisha Kar Madhu's X-rated viral video. Now, the question arises who is Trisha Kar Madhu, and why Trisha Kar Madhu Ka Viral Video is being searched by fans on social media as well as on Google. 

Who is Trisha Kar Madhu?

As per reports, Trisha Kar Madhu's real name is Trisha Khan. For years, Trisha Kar Madhu has been associated with Bhojpuri film industry.  The actor, who eventually earned the title of being a bold actress in the Bhojpuri industry, also won the Miss India Beautiful Smile title in 2001. Madhu was already a known name with a huge fanbase, however, the tables took a sharp turn in 2021, when an alleged X-rated video of the actress was leaked online. The controversy majorly divided her fanbase, as some supported her, while the rest lambasted her. The video was allegedly of the actor being intimate with an unidentified man. Since then, Trisha Kar Madhu has moved on from the controversy and she is quiet frequent on social media. Trisha Kar Madhu enjoys 1.2 million followers on Instagram (while writing).

Now, the question arises why Trisha Khan is back in the limelight? Well, the answer is video which is linked to the previous controversy at all. 

The reason behind the phrase ‘Trisha Kar Madhu Ka Viral Video’, is a new song that she did. The Bhojpuri song, ‘Dil Par Vaar Karelu’, was released a month ago, and starred Madhu. As soon as the song dropped on the internet, fans began to circulate it on social media, resulting in Madhu ruling the trends for another viral video.

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