Woman crew member accuses Jackky Bhagnani's Pooja Entertainment of not paying salary

A woman crew member sparked controversy when she took to her Instagram handle and accused Bhagnani's Production House of not paying her and many other crew members' salaries

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Bollywood actor Jackky Bhagnani's production house Pooja Entertainment has been accused of not paying the salaries of over 100 crew members who worked behind the scenes in his movies. A woman named Ruchita Kamble shared screenshots of an alleged crew member who accused Bhagnani's Production House of not paying her and many other crew members' salaries. In the crew member's screenshot, the woman alleged that Jackky Bhagnani's Production house did not pay her and others two months of their salary, while they paid actors their fees upfront. 

The crew member in her Instagram note revealed, "I did a movie 2 years ago with a very well known production house. Me along with atleast a 100 crew members are awaiting our payments (2 month salaries) since 2 years. Meanwhile actor have been paid immediately because they are ACTORS. None of the producers have an answer to our question,Where is my hard earned money? Most importantly, When can i get my hard earned money?"

Ruchita Kamble in her Instagram post wrote, "Not the one to ever make such posts but sometimes people need to be ousted! Seeing my team and the crew I worked with struggle day in and out to just get hold of our own hard earned money has compelled me to make this post. Read the sheer frustration of these young girls who have beautifully stated the absolute disregard @pooja_ent has and the sheer unprofessional, unethical behaviour that we all have been tolerating for way too long. Being dodged from person to another just to ask for our own money which was promised to be cleared within 45-60 working days post completion which in itself is also unprofessional but the crew graciously agreed as we r a bunch driven by passion for filmmaking. But to exploit this passion to such an extent should not be acceptable. There is no hope of getting paid but this post is to make the countless others aware of this fraudulent practices by @pooja_ent @jackkybhagnani @vashubhagnani and vouch to not work with them. PS - Urge my friends to kindly reshare this post and ask other filmmakers to do so too. And if u r associated with any media houses who can escalate it or cover this that will b great."

For the unversed, Pooja Entertainment is known for making films like Bade Miyan Chotey Miyan, Mission Raniganj, Bell Bottom, etc. 

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