Who is YesJulz aka Julianne Goddard? Kanye West sues Influencer for over $8 Million after firing her

Kanye West shared a copy of a lawsuit against YesJulz aka Julianne Goddard seeking compensation of over $8 million.


US rapper & multiple times grammy winning artist, Kanye West is suing social media influencer YesJulz aka Julianne Goddard. Kanye West shared a copy of a lawsuit against YesJulz aka Julianne Goddard seeking compensation of over $8 million. YesJulz aka Julianne Goddard has been sued by Kanye West for violating her NDA while employed with Ye. On Sunday (March 17) Kanye West took to his Instagram handle and shared a court filing copy on his story announcing a lawsuit has been filed against YesJulz, born Julianne Goddard. Below is what Kanye West's court filing said- 


"NATURE OF DISPUTE, CLAIMS & RELIEF SOUGHT (a more detailed statement may be attached and/or any Complaint filed must be attached)

"Julianne Goddard has repeatedly, intentionally, and grossly violated the terms of her Nan-Disclosure Agreement with Claimants, including publicly disclosing corporate sales figures, social media strategies, text messages with Ye and management, release plans for the Vultures album, and product designs before release. To say Goddard suffers from a lack of impulse control would be to excuse her from responsibility for behavior that is hurtful, hateful and destructive; it is to give her pattern of mendacious, malicious, manipulative outbursts a pass. The composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart said he wrote music "as a sow piddles."


Goddard's own lukewarm and never-ending stream of willful, reckless and vindictive breaches of agreements she signed, and breaking of promises she made, left her workplace weaker, poorer, more disorganized and more dysfunctional than she found it. If the sums Claimants seek are extraordinary, it is only because Goddard's determination to disrupt business functions and sow discord know no equal. Goddard freely acknowledges that she has violated the NDA and intends to do more. Upon her termination she posted on X (Twitter): "F*ck an NDA sue me... I dare Milo or any lawyers at YZY to try." They now do. Her NDA provides liquidated damages, which given the obscene scope of Goddard's deceitful disclosures, she has accumulated a substantial tally derived from her malicious violations. Additionally, Claimants seek injunctive relief (preliminary and permanent) to stop Goddard's further violations."


Kanye West's lawsuit against YesJulz came weeks after he fired her from Ye's team. For the unversed, YesJulz was working closely with Ye for his Vultures 1 album rollout. However, things started to go wrong between Kanye, his team, and YesJulz. As per US media reports, YesJulz started to reach out to Ye fan pages about working with her in developing a "Yeezy Universe" app for free. She later conceded her ideas had not been approved by Ye, but said he, "sees and hears everything. He knows how active you’ve been. I know sometimes it might feel like you might be working all day, every day, and you’re work is not being seen or recognized."

Who is YesJulz?

YesJulz aka Julianne Goddard is a former employee of Kanye West's Ye team as mentioned above. Apart from this, Julianne Goddard is also famous on Instagram. YesJulz enjoys 651K followers (while writing) on Instagram. A US media report suggests that it is not confirmed whether Kanye has filed the lawsuit but he indeed shared it on his Instagram. Both YesJulz and Kanye may reach a settlement in private.