Who is YourFellowArab? US YouTuber allegedly kidnapped & held for $600,000 ransom in Haiti

YourFellowArab aka Arab (Insta Name) was kidnapped by the 400 Mawozo gang in Haiti on March 14, 2024.

USA YourFellowArab Who is YourFellowArab

In a shocking development, an American YouTuber famous by the name 'YourFellowArab' was allegedly kidnapped in Haiti. On March 29, 2024, a report surfaced that YourFellowArab aka Arab (Insta Name) was kidnapped by the 400 Mawozo gang in Haiti on March 14. A social media user going by the username @FearedBuck on X, and it included an excerpt from Atlas News reporting that a US journalist had been kidnapped in Haiti. The excerpt said, "According to Haiti24, a U.S. journalist Adisson Pierre Maalouf has been kidnapped by the 400 Mawozo gang in Haiti on March 14, in Croix-des-Bouqets." Now, the question arises who is YouTuber YourFellowArab? Below everything you need to know- 


Who is YourFellowArab?


YourFellowArab's real name is Addison Pierre Maalouf. Addison Pierre Maalouf is an American YouTuber & IRL Twitch streamer. Maalouf is of Lebanese descent and is based in Atlanta. On his official website, Maalouf refers to himself as a 'comedian, pro player and content creator. 


Notably, Twitch streamer ‘Lalem‘ took to X handle and confirmed YourFellowArab's kidnapping. He wrote, "Tried keeping it private for 2 weeks, but it’s getting out everywhere now, Yes Arab has been kidnapped in Haiti and we’re working on getting him out. Love yall he’ll be out soon." Thereafter, Lalem shared YourFellowArab's last video before getting kidnapped with the caption- 


"This is the last video he recorded before he got kidnapped, if you have his number pls don’t text him while he’s in there for safety reasons."


More on YourFellowArab's kidnapping


As per reports, YourFellowArab was with his Haitian colleague, Sacra Sean, and had traveled to Delmas 6 to interview an individual known as Jimmy "Barbecue" Cerisier. This individual was a member of the criminal organization "Lanmó 100 jou."


As per reports, YourFellowArab and his Haitian colleague were kidnapped by the same criminal organization that Jimmy "Barbecue" was a member of. US media reports quoted the Haiti portal which stated- "According to them, Adisson was on his way back from Cape Haiti with his Haitian colleague, Sacra Sean. Adisson Pierre Maalouf went to Delmas 6 to conduct an interview with Jimmy Cerisier, aka "Barbecue." However, "Lanmó 100 jou," a member of the same criminal group as Barbecue seized the pair and is now demanding a ransom of $600,000 USD."


Notably, YourFellowArab keeps on visiting different nations. Last year, he visited India. Arab had shared his pics and videos from Varanasi, India. There he shot people burning dead bodies near the ghats of the Ganges. 



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