Americans went into utter shock last year when mysterious skeletal remains were found last October on the shoreline of shrinking Lake Mead. At that time, people and authorities were puzzled and even horrified because there were three remains found in Lake Mead. Now, the mystery behind the skeletal remains has finally been solved. As per reports, Human remains found last October on the shoreline of shrinking Lake Mead were from a North Las Vegas man who drowned in April 1974, authorities in Las Vegas said Tuesday. One of the three sets of skeletal remains found in Lake Mead last year have been identified as a North Las Vegas man, according to Clark County. On Oct. 17, 2022, the remains were found in the Callville Bay area by contractors working near the marina. More remains were found on Oct. 19 and it was determined they belonged to the same person.

Whose skeleton was it?

The skeletal remains have been identified as Donald Smith of North Las Vegas, 39 at the time of his reported drowning in April of 1974. His manner of death was ruled to be accidental. Skeletal remains found May 7, 2022 were determined to be of Thomas Erndt of Las Vegas. Apart from it, the remains found in a barrel May 1, 2022 were determined to be a man who died from a gunshot wound, but the decedent remains unidentified. Remains found on July 25, Aug. 6 and Aug. 16 of 2022 were determined to all belong to the same person, the Clark County Coroner said. That person is still unidentified.

As per a newswire, Donald P. Smith was 39 when he was reported missing in the waters of the Colorado River reservoir behind Hoover Dam, the Clark County coroner’s office said in a statement. The identification was made through DNA, and his death has been ruled accidental. His were the last of a series of remains publicly reported to have been found last year at the lake, which has for decades been a fishing, swimming and boating destination — and the object of lore about being a dumping ground for the underworld during the early years of the Las Vegas Strip.

It is pertinent to mention here that the other skeletal remains discovered over a three-week span in late July and early August along the shoreline at the Boulder Beach swimming area belonged to one person, the coroner’s statement said Tuesday. Authorities are still trying to link a name with those remains.

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