Why did The Hardwick shut down? Chef Stephen Terry's cheating caught by wife

The Hardwick once voted Wales's Best Restaurant, was run by top Chef Stephen Terry, a friend of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

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Once voted as Wales's best restaurant, The Hardwick has been shut down and it has left the Britishers in shock. The Hardwick was run by top Chef Stephen Terry, a friend of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Stephen Terry this week announced that he is closing the well-known eatery. As a result, Brits and netizens started to wonder about The Hardwick shutdown reason or why was The Hardwick shutdown. At first, a UK media portal reported that Stephen Terry decided to shut down The Hardwick after a married couple stole £150,000 from it. Stephen Terry announced the closure of The Hardwick restaurant in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, after 18 years. Reports suggested that The Hardwick shutdown came after financial administrator Nicola Nightingale stole £150,000 from the restaurant and transferred £46,000 into the account of her husband Simon. However, it seems like this is not the entire reason behind The Hardwick closure.

The Hardwick shutdown reason

As per a UK media report, former Michelin star chef Stephen Terry was caught red-handed for having an extramarital affair with a woman 24 years his junior. Stephen Terry, 56, father of three was confronted by his wife Joanna, 54, after 'suspicious' messages were found on his phone between him and sommelier Jo Browning, 32. Notably, reports suggest that Stephen Terry was in an extramarital affair with Jo Browning who is a wine expert.

The report quoted a source in the known development saying, "Joanna was left utterly heartbroken. It was a total betrayal and so painful." The source further informed, "They had been together 20 years and started and ran the restaurant together. He was in the kitchen and she was front of house. He is a chef and can be temperamental and difficult but Joanna had no idea. Stephen and Joanna have not fallen out, he’s just found a younger model. He has been telling people he just has a ‘connection’ with this other woman.”

It is pertinent to mention here that Stephen was the best man at Gordon Ramsey's wedding. Stephen and Joanna own a Grade II listed, five-bedroom detached home worth £750,000 in a nearby village. However, after Stephen Terry's cheating scandal, the Chef has now moved into an £800-a-month rented two-bedroom love nest with Jo.

What did netizens say on The Hardwick shutdown?

A user wrote, "#StephenTerry, the incredibly talented chef, known to us who watch #GreatBritishMenu has been forced to close his restaurant thanks to the Grifter and his financial administrator embezzled thousands of pounds. Her punishment for ruining Terry's life work? A suspended sentence."

One more user wrote, "Absolutely gutted to hear that @The_Hardwick has closed! I had so many happy times and delicious meals there. Will miss you @_StephenTerry_ and Jo!"

Another user wrote, "End of an era.Saddened to hear that @The_Hardwick has now closed after 18 years. Stephen Terry has been a phenomenal champion of Abergavenny & Monmouthshire producers & will be missed. Wishing him all the best in his next venture".