Why fans are giving Team India’s T20 WC win’s credit to MBA Chai Wala Prafull Billore?

Netizens are also giving credit to another internet personality, who is not directly involved in playing the game, but nevertheless allegedly played a major role in helping team India score the victory

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In a battle between two unbeaten sides in the final, Men in Blue sealed T20 World Cup glory after an epic duel against South Africa with a seven-run win on Saturday night. While Hardik Pandya and Jasprit Bumrah’s exceptional bowling saved the day after majorly dominant game by South Africa, netizens are also giving credit to another personality, who is not directly involved in playing the game, but nevertheless allegedly played a major role in helping team India score the victory. That is the famous social media entrepreneur, MBA Chaiwala Prafull Billore.

There was an Indian face among South African cricket players in several pictures on Social Media. Memes like "Panauti" (bad luck) went popular as India was getting ready for the T20 World Cup final between SA and IND.

The Indian Face was Prafull Billore, the founder of MBA Chaiwala. Indian entrepreneur Billore gained fame for his unique tea-selling company, which has a substantial social media following. Billore, who is originally from Madhya Pradesh, dropped out of an MBA degree in 2017 to open a tea shop with just Rs. 8,000. His enterprise took off, expanding across the country and becoming popular on social media.

Billore posted a selfie with Suryakumar Yadav, which began the'Panauti' fad. On June 21 of this year, Billore posted selfies taken with Yadav while in flight on X. The next day, during India's Twenty20 match against Bangladesh, there was joking speculation about Billore's supposed reverse jinxing powers when Yadav could only muster six runs. Jokes compared Yadav's poor performance to Billore's "panauti" impact as word of the selfie spread.

Billore responded to the trolling. He started uploading altered pictures made by users that featured him with players from teams up against India. Before the semi-finals against England, he sarcastically claimed to use his "jinx" power against English cricket players Jos Buttler and Jofra Archer in a series of altered photos. The netizens however, came together in support of Billore's ‘reverse jinx’ antics after India handily trounced England with 68 runs in the semifinals in Guyana.

Using his ‘powers’ to the fufllest, Billore then targeted the South African team with his ‘Panauti’ beam. He posted several altered pictures of him self with the South Africa team’s players on X.

The antics seemed to pay off however as India marched towards a well fought victory, trouncing South Africa in Barbados in the last over of the match. In the last over South Africa needed 16 runs with David Miller and Keshav Maharaj in the middle. However, Hardik Pandya dismissed the dangerous David Miller on the first ball of the last over. Suryakumar Yadav pulled out one of the greatest catches in World Cup history leaving South Africa 9 runs short of the coveted target. Now, Billore is jokingly being heralded as the saviour of team India and is being given credit for using his jinx powers to help team India on the road to victory.