Getting acceptance letters from desired colleges is what people dream about who want to study abroad. Once they get the acceptance letter, the only thing which is left is to join the college and take their career forward. However, at least 500 students including Indians' future is currently in limbo as Northern College in Ontario revoked the admission offer letter a month before the start of the school. On Thursday, US media reported that some of the students whose admission offer letters were revoked already reached Canada. Many of the international students were informed their offers had been withdrawn when they were in the North American country. A report quoted an Indian student named Ashley who informed that she had paid her registration fees and booked her flight from Punjab to Toronto when she found out just over a week ago that she was no longer accepted to Ontario's Northern College. Now the question arises why Northern College in Ontario revoked the admission letters of at least 500 international students. To know the answer continue reading-

Why Northern College in Ontario revoked admission letters?

As per a newswire, Northern College in Ontario stated that the problem erupted due to the Canadian Government and authorities. To be precise, Northern College stated it was caused due to Canada approving more visas for international students than expected. It further clarified that students will be refunded or transferred to different schools. However, some could still be on the hook for cancelled flights and accommodation.

Coming back to the Punjabi student Ashley, she got her acceptance letter in February this year to study healthcare administration at Scarborough's Pures College of Technology, which is an affiliate of Northern College. She had already applied for a student visa, quit her job in healthcare and booked a one-way ticket to Toronto. With the revocation of admission letter offers Ashley will now have to remain in India. Ashley was quoted saying, "It was not a normal process for us as international students who have used all the savings that we have had."

Notably, Scarborough's Pures College of Technology responded to the fresh controversy and stated that it did not want to revoke the admission offer letter, however, since it affiliated to the public college- Northern College, the tough decision had to be taken. As per Pures College, it was "ready, willing and able to accept all international students who received letters of admission," but that its affiliate, Northern College, decided against doing so. As a private college in partnership with a public college, Pures informed it doesn't have the authority to make final decisions on the admissions process.

While 500 students future remain in limbo, Jaspreet Singh, president of the International Sikh Student Association and a member of the World Sikh Organisation sensed that these situations hint towards a bigger problem. Jaspreet was quoted saying, "The system is exploiting students," he said, adding that situations like these aren't uncommon in Canada. "The same thing is happening every year...every semester," he added.

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