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#EducationFirst :- Will the students have to go for COVID-19 test before visiting the school? A Panel Discussion with Dr.Yogesh Gambhir and Mrs.Rachna Monga

Central Government has allowed the States to open schools for classes 9th to 12th. Students can visit school only if they have any doubts in any subject. But how are the schools gearing up for the same so that the students remain safe? Just to know this we interacted with various principals.

After the Central Government's decision of reopening the schools for classes 9th to 12th, some of the state governments have also allowed the students to visit the school when required. But it is very important for the parents and students to know the precautions taken by school to keep their students safe. 

To know about this, We interacted with Dr. Yogesh Gambhir, Principal of DRV DAV Cenetary Public School, Phillaur and Mrs. Rachna Monga, Principal of Sanskriti KMV School, Jalandhar. When True Scoop asked both the Educationists about whether the parents will send their children to school or not. Dr. Yogesh replied to this and said, ''Parents will be tensed initially and for us it is a big responsibility to keep the students safe. We are taking extra precautions apart from what is mentioned in the SOP to keep everyone safe. A student staying far from the school will not prefer coming to the school. School has to give assurance to the parents.''

Whereas, Mrs. Rachna Monga said, ''We need to prepare our school first. Our school is not fully equipped but we are trying. Obviously parents will initially hesitate but once they see that schools are ready and safe then they will surely send. It is a big challenge for the schools and we are trying our level best to keep children safe.''

When asked that a student can clear his doubts in online classes as well then why is Central Government opening the schools? To this, Mrs. Rachna Monga replied that there is an emotional touch between a teacher and a student which is missing due to the pandemic. Students understand better in person as compared to the online classes. Students also wish to meet their teachers.

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