The Vigilance Department of Punjab is in the mood for action. This morning the Vigilance Department registered FIR against former Punjab Minister Sangat Singh Gilzian and arrested Minister Sandhu Singh Dharamsot, but now the question arises whether the Vigilance Department will take action on Black Sheeps working inside the department?

Before the Aam Aadmi Party came to power, questions were being raised on the proceedings of the Vigilance Department. And it has also been said that the files of many cases were suppressed by the Vigilance Department. In Irrigation Scam is also included, which is 1000 crore rupees, in which many big IAS and Politicians are involved. It has been discussed many times that this matter will be investigated but its file was suppressed.

There are also discussions that the Vigilance Department is run by someone close to Captain Amarinder Singh. And under his influence, the Vigilance Department works. And it has also been said that somewhere in the ditch, there is a mess inside the department.

Now it will be worth seeing that the government of the Aam Aadmi Party has come, and so is the officer in the Vigilance Department who has been there for so many 
years, about whom it has been said that he has been in the good books of the previous governments, So will action be taken against such officers?

Because without their removal, a question mark arises on how successful the government's campaign against corruption will be. Because somewhere the other such corrupt workers are still in relation with their old masters.

There is also a big discussion in Chandigarh of a man who was in touch with a man who was considered very special to the Captain and the same man who used to work as a setting in the department. The cases which were registered in the time vigilance to the old governments, the cases which came within the vigilance which were suppressed later, will their files also be opened again?

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There are still many such files laying under Vigilance whose cases are going on for years. Will the department work on all such cases? Will the department go to any conclusions?

Except for the vigilance, all the others departments have major transfers but, such transfers have not been seen in the vigilance department yet. Will we see big transfers in this department in the coming days?

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