Sustainable living and green living have now become a necessity rather than a luxury. We are now in the year 2021, and as the earth is being ravaged by a deadly global pandemic, we must do some serious soul-searching and reflect on our daily decisions. Although the virus's outcome can be regulated and kept under control, we can only speculate about how Climate Change can threaten our life on this ever-changing planet. Forest fires, glaciers melting, ice caps fracturing, and a slew of other natural disasters have served as constant reminders that human activities must be restricted.

Though the situation is dire, it is never too late to roll up our sleeves and get serious about sustainability and living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Simply get up and take a look around. There are at least ten items in your immediate environment that can help you make a smooth transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. Let's start from where we are now.

5 quick and simple ways to begin your sustainable journey from the comfort of your own home:

1. Manage your garbage

To avoid the production of dangerous greenhouse gases such as methane or the spread of diseases, all waste produced at home must be properly segregated. Before handing over household waste to the collector, it must be separated into Biodegradables, Dry, and Domestic waste. This ensures that waste is recycled in the appropriate manner, as well as that vegetable peels and surplus food are recycled.

2. Go for green-living:

There are easy ways to reduce the carbon footprint since energy involves the burning of fossil fuels. Switching to green energy sources and installing LED bulbs in your home will have a positive effect on both the climate and your wallet. They greatly reduce energy consumption because they use less fuel. Switching off wifi modems, lights, and electric appliances when not in use are just a few of the fundamental behaviors to get into. The aim is to purchase energy-efficient appliances and reduce carbon emissions.

3. Sustainable life: 4 R's and 1 U

Adopting the reduction, reuse, recycling, refuse, and upcycling habits.
There aren't big life changes. These self-descriptive terms describe easy ways to promote sustainable living. Reducing consumption, reusing goods, recycling objects, refusing to buy new items, and upcycling products to make newer and more valuable items are all urgently needed.

Simple and stirring changes can be:Use-
Bamboo toothbrushes
Vegan condoms
Plant-based meat
Menstrual cups
Cloth/Jute bags
Rechargeable batteries

When we stay cooped up in our houses, online grocery and necessity shopping comes to the rescue! Although we shop from the comfort of our own homes, bear in mind not only your own safety but also the environment. Choose online shopping sites that offer "zero waste/plastic free delivery" and refuse to get your food delivered in plastic containers or plastic cutlery.

5. Avoiding fashion fads and use vegan cosmetics:

It's time to take a stand against quick fashion fads and make more intelligent and trendy clothing choices. Digging through thrift shops is the most traditional method of minimizing, reusing, and recycling! A single tee or pair of jeans consumes thousands of gallons of water! Consider your options before jumping into bizarre fashion trends that not only last a short time but also burn a hole in your wallet.

Do your homework and replace the animal-cruelty red lipstick with a stylish vegan alternative! There are several vegan makeup brands available; however, you should select your eye shadows and foundations carefully because you don't want to look hot and happening at the expense of another person's life. As the topic of climate change continues to dominate the news, don't forget to up your sustainable game! Change begins within, and these long-term changes are surely less difficult than waking up early and procrastinating?!

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