In the field of health, the day of 7th April is globally important. World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7 April. 

In the last years, the corona epidemic showed its outbreak globally. The infection spread to almost every country in the world.
In such a situation, the World Health Organization has tried at every level to provide health services to the world. There should be better health facilities everywhere and infection can be prevented.

Similarly, almost all countries should be free from disease and they do not have any kind of shortage in terms of health services, all this is an important purpose of celebrating World Health Day. 

But do you know why Health Day is celebrated only on 7th April? What is the history and significance of World Health Day? 

The purpose of celebrating World Health Day, this year's theme and the method.

History of World Health Day

World Health Organization was established in the year 1948. Two years later, in the year 1950, it was decided to celebrate World Health Day. 

The World Health Organization took the initiative to celebrate this day globally. Thus began the celebration of Health Day.

Why is Health Day celebrated on 7th April?

The World Health Organization was established on 7 April. In such a situation, the celebration of World Health Day started on the occasion of WHO's foundation day. 

World Health Day was celebrated for the first time in 1950 by all the countries affiliated with WHO. After that, as countries joined the WHO, every year April started celebrating International Health Day. 

The objective of World Health Day

World Health Day is to make people aware to spread the same health facilities in all countries around the world, dispel the myths related to health matters and reflect on the problems related to global health and work on those ideas. 

On this day, awareness campaigns are conducted on the topics related to health services, facilities and care. 

Health Day is celebrated under WHO's work World Health OrganizationThis organization is working for better health around the world. 

WHO works in the field of health in collaboration with the United Nations, agencies, government health administrations, professional groups and other organizations. 

Which Helps towards strengthening health services at the request of the governments of the country. Promotes the help of professional groups and experts. 

The theme of World Health Day 2022

This year the theme of World Health Day 2022 is 'Our planet, our health'. This year's theme aims to focus on the health of every human living on our planet. 

India is celebrating 'Yoga Amrit Mahotsav' on the occasion of World Health Day, which is being organized by the Ministry of AYUSH. The theme of World Health Day 2021 was 'Building a Fair, Healthy World'. 

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