World Red Cross Day 2022: Today is World Red Cross Day. It is celebrated every year on 8 May in memory of the birth anniversary of Henry Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross. Henri Dunant was born on May 8, 1828, in Geneva, Switzerland.

The main objective of celebrating World Red Cross Day is to save human life and keep it healthy. It was first celebrated in the year 1948. However, World Red Cross Day got its official approval in the year 1984. Since that time it is celebrated every year. This year's theme is "BeHumanKind". Come, let us know in detail about World Red Cross Day-

History of World Red Cross Day

The thing is from the year 1859. When there was a fierce battle in Solferino (Italy). More than 40 thousand soldiers died in this war. Henry Dunant was imaginative in seeing the condition of the wounded soldiers. 

At that time Henry, along with the people of the village, helped the wounded soldiers and saved their lives. In those days, Henry wrote a book called A Memory of Solferino. In this book, Henry referred to the formation of aid societies to protect wounded soldiers.

As a result, the Geneva Public Welfare Society established a committee in February 1863. A world conference was held in the same year. The proposal for the establishment of the International Committee of the Red Cross was introduced at this conference, which was adopted in 1876.

Significance of World Red Cross Day

The main objective of World Red Cross Day is to protect the helpless and injured soldiers and civilians. Especially in the Corona period, the importance of the World Red Cross has increased. The Red Cross is working on a war footing to defeat this epidemic. 

People associated with this organization are serving the needy people all over the world to protect against corona. Also distributing masks, gloves and sanitisers to the people.

This year's theme for World Red Cross Day is #BeHumanKind. 

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