World War 3 to start tomorrow? Indian Astrologer's prediction leaves American media stunned

An Indian astrologer named Kushal Kumar predicted that World War III will start in June 2024 and he cited multiple reasons for it.

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The world is witnessing unprecedented times with Russia & Ukraine at war for more than 1 year and Israel is on its mission to wipe out Hamas that launched terror strikes in the Jewish country. The countries have started an AI race and parts of India are also witnessing record-breaking high temperatures. Capital New Delhi is undergoing a massive water crisis after Bengaluru.  With war on one end and climate change on the other, historians, analysts, and astrologers are busy predicting the potential World War 3, especially after Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi died in a suspicious helicopter crash.  Recently, an Indian astrologer named Kushal Kumar predicted that World War III will start in June 2024. Yes! you heard it right. Below is Kushal Kumar's WW3 Predictions- 

What did Kushal Kumar predict on World War 3?

As per reports, last month, in his blog post on Medium, he wrote, “Tuesday, 18 June 2024 has the strongest planetary stimulus to trigger WW3 although 10 and 29 June may have a say as well." Notably, Kushal Kumar had predicted the date after the death of former Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi and seven others in an air crash on 19 May. Still, this does not prove anything as in his previous articles he had also said, "WW3 or something comparable may likely break out during 29 March to 21 April in 2024."

Kumar in his blogpost added, "It may take into its fold some or most countries mentioned in the list. Sea will be the centre of operations mostly while some operations or places lesser in the estimates or reckoning , may grow operative in use.”

As per his analysis, Kaushal Kumar also mentioned, “Some persons charged with authority to govern in some countries may find it tough and hard to cope up with the major worrisome emerging scenario. Some are likely to be seriously unwell or may even resign. Upheavals in the political scene cannot be ruled out. In short, where vulnerable, the contemporary planetary movements suggest that army may step in to take overall control."

Why does Kaushal Kumar think June 2024 will witness WW3?

As per US media reports, Kumar in his blog pointed out a recent terror attack that targeted and killed nine Hindu pilgrims in Raesi while injuring 33 others. Thereafter, Kumar also pointed out that shots were fired at the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea when troops from the north crossed into the DMZ on Sunday.

Thirdly, Kumar cited that the conflict in Israel has escalated as Hezbollah forces in Lebanon recently barraged rockets at the Jewish state in retaliation for the death of a commander.

Talking about who is astrologer Kaushal Kumar, his LinkedIn bio says, "I am a Vedic astrology writer known world-wide. My articles have been published by such world leading astrology magazines as The Mountain Astrology (TMA) from California and Horoscope from New York. While I am expert at giving guidance to individuals on the questions they are concerned with , primarily on the basis of birth time details , I also contribute valuable articles on themes of economy , weather- meteorology , business, strategies , conflicts etc for nations. Global affairs and world economy is my specialization. One of my articles - " Astrological probable alerts for the United States in 2018" - can be found in monthly Webzine of Wisdom Magazine published from the US at on 1 December 2017. These predictions about US covering 2018 which were made on 11 October , 2017 , have stood the test of time. In addition , I also write about spirituality, applying Vedic lore and the research by Indian well known wise men. I have good understanding about spirituality practiced in other religion of world. I have a great valuable message. "