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"Yoga & Chyawanprash", Healthy combination for recovered Covid-19 patients

Centre Issues Advisory For Covid-recovered Patients: Chyawanprash, Turmeric Milk & More...

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare stressed on ayurvedic intervention to manage post-COVID conditions in its latest guidelines issued on Sunday for recovered patients, including use of chyawanprash and AYUSH medicines.

In the guidelines, the Ministry recommended the use of immunity-boosting medicines like Ayush Kwath and Samshamani Vati on a daily basis, for effective recovery from post-COVID health conditions.

"In the clinical practice, chyawanprash is believed to be effective in post-recovery period," a Ministry advisory said while listing yoga, pranayama and daily walks among the other suggestions.

At the individual level, the Ministry advised people to strictly follow protocols like wearing face masks, washing hands, maintaining social distance, and other respiratory hygiene. It also suggested involvement in regular household chores, if health permitted. "Professional work should be resumed in a graded manner," the Ministry advisory added.

Stressing the need to self-monitor one's health at home, the Ministry advised recuperating persons to check body temperatures and blood pressure on a regular basis. It also asked them to take oxygen readings on pulse oximeters on the advice of doctors. "Look for early warning signs like high-grade fever, breathlessness, unexplained chest pain, onset of confusion, and focal weakness," it said.

At the community level, the Ministry advised for spread of awareness by recuperating persons about coronavirus by sharing experiences with friends and relatives and through the social media. "The sharing of these experiences on the social media will help create public awareness, dispel myths, and stigma," the advisory read.

Besides, the Ministry advised for mental health support, if needed. "Seek psycho-social support from peers, community health workers, and counsellor. If required, seek mental health support service. Take support of community-based self-help groups, civil society organisations, and qualified professionals for the recovery and rehabilitation process (medical, social, occupational, livelihood)," it said. 

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Here are the ministry’s suggestions for post-Covid follow up care:

At individual level

  •  Continue use of mask, hand and respiratory hygiene and practice physical distancing.
  •  Drink an adequate amount of warm water.
  • Take immunity promoting AYUSH medicine
  • Regular housework can be done if health permits. Professional work must be resumed in a graded manner.
  • A mild to moderate form of exercise — such as Yogasana, Pranayama and Meditation, breathing exercises and daily morning or evening walks — as much as health permits.
  • Balanced and nutritious diet
  • Adequate sleep and rest
  • Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol
  • Take regular medication for Covid and also for managing comorbidities, as per doctors recommendations
  • Monitor temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse etc. at home
  • In case of persistent dry cough/sore throat, do saline gargles and take steam inhalation.
 At the community level

  • Recovered patients should share their positive experiences using social media, community leaders, opinion leaders, and religious leaders for creating awareness, dispelling myths and stigma.
  • Take support of community based self-help groups, civil society organisations, and qualified professionals for the recovery and rehabilitation process.
  • Seek psycho-social support from peers, community health workers, counsellor. If required seek mental health support service.
  • Participate in group sessions of Yoga, Meditation etc. while taking all due precautions like physical distancing.

In healthcare facilities

  • The first follow-up visit should be within 7 days after discharge, preferably at the hospital where he/she underwent treatment.
  • Subsequent treatment may be with the nearest qualified allopathic/AYUSH practitioners/medical facility of other systems of medicine.
  • Patients in home isolation should visit the nearest health facility if they complain of persisting symptoms.

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