Cardi B’s 101 million Instagram followers were left amazed when she shared a picture of herself in a stunning Mugler Mini dress showing off  her baby bump. But the highlight of the post was not just the baby bump, her stunning Birkin bag collection has swooped all of us off our feet while some of us reached out for tissues. 

The “Up” rapper has always shared her glam life with her followers and never settles for less when it comes to pampering herself. The multiple pictures uploaded on her Instagram feed show her Big luxurious Atlanta home, while looking gorgeous in a burgundy skintight Mugler mini dress. 

The set of pictures uploaded by  28 year-old  rapper was captioned “Every other day new wig new hair, come take me out this Mugler.” In the post Cardi is seen looking over her Birkin bag collection of more than 25 bags. Wearing large hoop earrings in gold, heavy choker paired with bangles, clear heels and her charm.