Agitating youth protesting against the 'Agnipath' scheme announced by the government for recruiting youth into the armed forces blocked the Delhi-Ajmer highway on Wednesday, creating traffic jams on the busy highway. 

Within 24 hours of the announcement of the scheme, protests have started in Jaipur as youth preparing for army recruitment tests gathered in large numbers and blocked the Delhi-Ajmer highway, raising slogans against the Agnipath scheme.

The protesters blocked the highway for more than an hour, leading to 2 km-long traffic jams on both sides, much to the dismay of the commuters. Later, the police had to intervene to remove the road blockage.

The Union Cabinet had on Tuesday approved the Agnipath recruitment scheme for Indian youth to serve in the armed forces. Soldiers recruited under the scheme will be inducted into the armed forces as 'Agniveers'.

The 'Agnipath' model will foresee the recruitment of personnel below officer rank (PBOR) in army, air force and navy for four years, including six months of training.
Source IANS

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