YouTuber Armaan Malik who came into the spotlight last year after announcing the pregnancy of his two wives together on social media is again breaking the internet. YouTuber Armaan Malik who lives with his two wives named Payal Malik and Kritika Malik came under the scanner of social media after a video clip and 'sensational' headlines went viral saying that he has married for the third time. The Hyderabad-based YouTuber who has a massive following of 1.6 million on Instagram had last year shared the news with pictures of his wives flaunting their baby bumps. Notably, the YouTuber's wives live together and they both announced pregnancy together which was not received well on social media. Now, coming to Armaan Malik's third marriage, a video shows he married again and brought his new life partner into the home where his other two lady loves to live. However, Armaan Malik's 3rd marriage reality is something else-

Armaan Malik's third marriage

The reality is Armaan Malik pulled out a successful prank on his two wives. Armaan pranked both Payal and Kritika that he has married for the third time. In the video, Armaan tells his viewers that he will be doing a prank on his two wives that he has married for the third time and would see how they react. As soon as Armaan enters the house and introduces the other woman disguised as his third wife, Payal, and Kritika started to panic. Shocked after seeing this, one of his wife asks what's going on and tells the girl that Armaan already has 2 wives. However, Armaan tells her that she knows it and she doesn't have any problem. Soon, Armaan's other wife comes and shocked to see this. To know what happened next, watch the full video below-

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Who is Armaan Malik?

Armaan Malik is a popular YouTuber and vlogger. He regularly uploads videos and photos on social media to keep his fans updated with his daily life. Reportedly, Malik tied the knot with Payal in 2011 and they share a son named Chirayu Malik together. In 2018, the content creator then married Kritika, who was the best friend of his first wife. The four-member family have been residing together ever since. Payal and Kritika are often seen in photos together as well.

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