Zara removes controversial ad after boycott calls from protesters, campaign mocked Gaza destruction

In an Instagram post, Zara expressed regret that some customers found the images offensive and stated that they were removed.

Zara removes controversial ad after boycott calls from protesters, campaign mocked Gaza destruction | zara,controversial,boycott- True Scoop

Spanish fashion brand Zara has withdrawn promotional images following criticism over alleged references to the casualties in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, as reported by AP. The advertising campaign, which showcased a collection of jackets, included visuals described as "unfinished sculptures in a sculptor's studio."

However, the campaign faced backlash online, with some individuals asserting that one image, depicting a model holding a wrapped-up mannequin, bore resemblance to the scene of a Gaza citizen carrying their deceased child. Other snapshots displayed mannequins with missing limbs and a figure draped in fabric or plastic on the ground, as detailed in various news sources.

In response to the controversy, Zara issued an apology on Instagram on December 13, explaining that the campaign was conceptualized in July and photographed in September. The statement expressed regret that "some customers felt offended by these images, which have now been removed, and saw in them something far from what was intended when they were created."

The company defended its campaign as being crafted "solely to present handmade garments within an artistic setting" and stated that the images were misconstrued by critics, who "interpreted them in a manner far from their original intent." Zara also expressed regret for the "misunderstanding" and reiterated its "deep respect towards everyone."

Inditex, the world's largest fashion retailer based in Spain, owns Zara. When the conflict in Gaza commenced, Inditex temporarily closed its 84 Zara shops in Israel for an unspecified period, as reported by AFP.

The ad campaign for Zara's Atelier line, titled "Collection 04_The Jacket," featured model Kristen McMenamy standing in front of props, including mannequins without limbs wrapped in white plastic surrounded by rubble. Other models behind her were covered in dust and dressed in white.

The campaign sparked a #BoycottZara social media movement and led to protests outside Zara stores for allegedly being insensitive to Gaza war victims. Zara released a statement expressing regret for the "misunderstanding," acknowledging that "unfortunately, some customers felt offended" by the ads and "saw something far from what was intended."

The six posts showcasing the campaign were taken down from Zara's Instagram page, and the parent company, Inditex, had already removed the "Atelier" photoshoot from its website and app home pages. The "Atelier" collection, comprising six jackets and being one of Zara's most expensive lines, is priced from $229 to $799.