Internet went berserk after Spiderman-fame actors Tom Holland and Zendaya were spotted at a private airport in Mumbai. The Hollywood power couple Zendaya and Tom Holland arrived together in Mumbai for the first time. And ever since several videos and photos went viral on social media. While fans were elated to see Zendaya and Tom together in India, several social media users asked why the duo are visiting here a day after Dior Mumbai Fashion Show concluded. A social media user speculated that Tom Holland and Zendaya are in India as they hunting a destination for their wedding. Although there are no confirmed reports of why Zendaya and Tom are visiting India, fans are coming up with their speculation and that includes Tom Holland and Zendaya's marriage.

Fans took to social media platforms and posted comments. Reacting to a video on Instagram, a fan asked, “Are they in India scouting for wedding location?” A person wrote, “They have arrived in simple outfits.” “Spiderman is in India finally,” read a comment. Zendaya and Tom arrived in Mumbai for the inauguration of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre. The event will take place over the weekend in Mumbai. Recently, Zendaya was spotted wearing a gold ring on her right index finger that appears to be engraved with her boyfriend Tom's initials. Her nail artist Marina Dobyk posted a close-up video of Zendaya's glossy pink manicure, which included the ring, sparking speculation. Although the script initials appeared to be "TH" for Tom's name, others on social media argued that it looks like "ZH," a combination of her first and his last initial, reported People.

Tom and Zendaya in India

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