Four food delivery boys arrested for killing two robbers in Jalandhar's double murder case

The Zomato & Swiggy delivery boys reportedly hacked two people to death who allegedly used to rob the food delivery boys in the night in Jalandhar.

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In a major development, four food delivery boys working for Zomato & Swiggy on Saturday were arrested for murdering two people in Jalandhar. The Zomato delivery boys reportedly hacked two people to death who allegedly used to rob the food delivery boys in the night. The incident took place near the Vidhipur railway crossing in Jalandhar. Three more associates of the delivery boys are currently absconding, whose search is on. 

In the preliminary interrogation, the delivery boys reportedly admitted that the two accused who were murdered used to target delivery boys every night and loot their cash and phones. When the Zomato delivery boy was robbed on May 26, everyone started searching for the accused. On the night of May 26, they saw Shiva and his partner Babbal, and therefore, they chased them. Finally, Shiva and Babbal were beaten to death near the DAP flyover.

Both the accused were seriously injured during the beating. One of them died on the spot. At the same time, the other died in the hospital. At the spot where the bodies were found, police also recovered an Activa without a number plate. However, the RC recovered from the Activa’s trunk informed that the vehicle was stolen from Gulab Devi Road on April 27. CCTV footage recovered in the investigation showed that the two robbers were being chased by around six bike riders at around 3:38 am on May 26. 

As per reports, Zomato delivery boys formed a WhatsApp ground and a message was sent which reads-  “Mobile phone has been looted from Babrik Chowk. The robbers were after him. Somehow, after saving his life, Shri Guru reached Ravidass Chowk. Group members should be alerted. Two robbers are roaming on numberless Activa.”

After the message was sent to the group, they coincidentally ended up dead, and it appears they were chased by multiple delivery boys before their deaths. Therefore, this led the police to believe that the robbery was the reason behind the murder.