International Dog Day: 7 gestures of your 'furry friend' and their meaning


Chasing tail by circling

Chasing tail by circling- Although it is fun to see dogs chasing their tales but, if they do it too often it means that they might be suffering from an ear infection.

Sitting between your legs

Sitting between your legs- This behavior of dogs mean that they are anxious or nervous and try to feel safer by sitting close to their owners.


Winking- Dogs winking is a sign of affection, peace and seeking attention. Sometimes it might also indicate them going through some health issue

Sleeping upside down

Sleeping upside down- This is the most comfortable position a dog can sleep in. If you see your dog sleeping like this, it means that he/she is in a happy mood.

Tilting Head to one side

Tilting Head to one side- If dogs tilt their heads to either of the sides then it means that they are uncertain about something they are really interested in.

Showing teeth and biting

Showing teeth and biting- If your dog shows you teeth in aggression, then be careful as they show their dominance through it and can end up biting you.


Howling- If you notice your dog howling very often, it means that he has been feeling lonely and needs your love and care.