8 movies and shows that inspired criminals in the real life


Movies Inspiring Criminals

The Shraddha murder case that has shook the country is not the first instance that has been an inspiration to commit heinous crime. Here is a set of other movies that has inspired criminals in the past.

A nightmare on elm street

Daniel Gonzalez’s murder spree which happened in 2004 was a paranoid schizophrenic, who took inspiration from The Nightmare on Elm Street was later revealed by Police during the investigation.

Natural Born Killer

Inspired by the movie Natural Born Killer, a young couple in love set out from Oklahoma in 1995 on their own killing spree, mimicking the movie went on a rampage, however, were arrested the same year.

Banty aur Babli

The 2005 hit film Banty Aur Babli inspired real-life Jagjeet and his lady partner who went on to loot conned people and even attempted murders for money.

Shootout at Lokhandwala

A bunch of students kidnapped a 15-year-old boy, demanded Rs. 50,000 ransoms from his father, and later murdered him. The main accused confessed to being inspired by Oberoi from Shootout at Lokhandwala.


Aftab from Shraddha Murder Case is not the only one taking inspiration from the most horrific title on the list. The infamous American Drama has a brutal record of inspiring a generation of killers.

Special 26

The multi-starrer Special 26 inspired a bunch of robbers in Hyderabad, where they robbed 40 kilos of gold duping the victims by posing as a special team from the CBI.

American Psycho

In 2004, a man named Michael Hernandez stabbed his middle-school classmate to death and he admitted that his actions were inspired by ‘American Psycho.’ Believing the powers and choice to murder.


The prime accused in the infamous Dipti Sharma abduction case, when her lover Devendra who happens to be a habitual offender committed the crime admitting to taking inspiration from SRK’s Darr.