Alternative methods available over stubble burning


Stubble Burning

A major catastrophic disaster to health and the environment in the form of stubble burning can be well-checked after resorting to these possible existing measures for a solution to the cause.

Bio Decomposer

A decomposer is another option that is very much prevalent to erode the stubble and make the land ready for next season’s sowing.


Stubble instead of burning can well be brought under use for the compost manure which in return can be used on the small lands used for farming and even restricted to individual premises.


Developed by the Indian Agriculture Research Institute, this enzyme when sprayed, decomposes the stubble in 20-25 days, turning it into manure, further improving the soil quality.

Farm Work

There is also a need to change the cropping pattern as the current pattern Paddy in drier Northwest India is not suitable for the declining water table.

Cattle Feeding

As per the economical aspect, stubble collected with proper management is sold for feeding the cattle and to the farmers engaged in the livestock business.

Zero Tiller

Usage of the Zero Tiller Machine as the purpose for in-situ management is the best option to be taken up instead of stubble burning.

Public-Private Partnership

And most important of all is the requirement of the public-private partnership in deliberating over the matter to get rid of the hazardous practice and to take the modern option available to us.