8 Asian cities that are making this world a better place
By True Scoop

Singapore: Pioneering vertical farming to address food security and green rooftops combating urban heat island effect.

Tokyo, Japan: Leading the way in earthquake-resistant infrastructure and developing AI solutions for traffic management and disaster response.

Seoul, South Korea: Implementing "car-free days" and transforming underutilized highways into linear parks, boosting inclusivity and well-being.

Taipei, Taiwan: Reforestation programs increasing biodiversity and rainwater harvesting initiatives ensuring water security.

Shanghai, China: World's largest electric vehicle fleet reducing air pollution and investing in renewable energy sources like solar and wind.

Bangkok, Thailand: "Klong Prem Initiative" transforming polluted canals into vibrant public spaces and promoting water resource management.

Hanoi, Vietnam: Preserving centuries-old buildings and restoring traditional crafts while embracing clean energy solutions for sustainable tourism.

Mumbai: Embracing renewable energy, sustainable transportation, and community-driven initiatives to create a greener, healthier world.

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