Mar 31 , 2024

10 Benefits of eating ‘Ghee’-roasted ‘Makhanaas’

By True Scoop

Rich in nutrients: They have protein, fiber, healthy fats & other essential nutrients.

Improves digestion: The combination of ‘Ghee’ & ‘Makhana’ promotes gut health. It can cure constipation.

Weight management: ‘Ghee’-roasted ‘Makhanas’ are low in calories & high in fiber.

Full of energy: ‘Makhanas’ contain complex carbohydrates which provide us energy when needed.

Makes bones healthy: ‘Makhanas’ have a good calcium content which improves our bone & teeth health.

Healthy heart: ‘Makhanas’ have low sodium content which maintains our blood pressure.

Blood sugar regulation: Low Glycemic index in ‘Makhana’ combined with Ghee’s ability to slow down sugar absorption regulates blood sugar levels.

Anti-inflammatory: Ghee contains Butyric acid which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Brain function: ‘Ghee’ improves cognitive health while magnesium in ‘Makhanas’ improves memory.

Skin & Hair: ‘Ghee’ nourishes hair & skin from within. Antioxidants in ‘Makhanas’ fight free radicals.

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