Mar 31 , 2024

Top 9 Educational apps in 2024

By True Scoop

Khan Academy: This app is one of the best apps in this category. You can learn any subject here.

PBS kids Games: This app is ideal for young children as it has a playful way of teaching.

BrainPOP: This app for young children is very interactive; it makes learning fun.

Quizlet: This AI enhanced app is best for high school kids. It provides them notes too.

Evernote: This app is for college going students. It provides them notes for their college subjects.

edX: This app made for adults has hundreds of free & paid courses.

Newsela: If you love reading articles & anything in general this app is for you.

Duolingo: This amazing app can teach you any language in an entertaining way.

DragonBox: this app is made for kids who love math. It can make the most boring sum fun.

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