10 Best Charitable Trusts in USA Worth Your Donation: Make an Impactful Contribution

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Focuses on global health, poverty alleviation, and education initiatives.

The Ford Foundation: Addresses social justice issues, economic inequality, and human rights concerns.

Carnegie Corporation of New York: Supports education, democracy, and international peace efforts.

Charity: Water: Provides clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

Feeding America: Works to end hunger in the United States through food banks and meal programs.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: Treats and researches pediatric catastrophic diseases, ensuring no family pays for treatment.

Doctors Without Borders: Provides medical care to those in crisis, irrespective of their nationality or political affiliation.

American Red Cross: Offers disaster relief, blood donations, and support to military families.

Habitat for Humanity: Builds affordable housing and provides shelter for families in need

Save the Children: Focuses on child protection, education, and emergency response in the USA and globally.

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