10 Best Gujarati Food Recipes You Should Try

Dhokla: Spongy steamed cakes made from fermented rice and chickpea flour.

Thepla: Spiced flatbreads with fenugreek leaves, a popular breakfast option.

Undhiyu: Mixed vegetable curry with a blend of regional flavors.

Khandvi: Rolls made from gram flour, yogurt, and spices, a savory delight.

Gujarati Dal: Sweet and tangy lentil soup with tempering of mustard seeds.

Fafda-Jalebi: Crispy gram flour strips with sweet, coiled fried batter.

Handvo: Savory cake with mixed lentils, rice, and vegetables, baked to perfection.

Gujarati Kadhi: Gram flour and yogurt-based curry with a hint of sweetness.

Surti Locho: Spicy, steamed gram flour snack garnished with sev and chutneys.

Gujarati Undhiyu Biryani: A flavorful fusion of Undhiyu and biryani, a culinary delight.

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