Best low-budget destinations to travel this winter in India



Explore the best of Mahakal’s town Ujjain, with its natural scenery in nearby pockets and the main city this winter attracts huge footfall from pilgrims around the country moreover under a budget fit for all.


Rajasthan and precisely Jaipur with its importance gets much more glorified in this season owing to the pleasant weather. If you are planning a trip this winter under a friendly budget think of the pink city as well.


Auli in Uttarakhand has been emerging as one of the favorite destinations for travel lovers, this can as well fall in your budget-friendly trip this winter if you have a love for the mountains.


The eastern beach is adorned with the blessing of Lord Jagannath and is preferred by thousands of devotees and travel lovers who pay a visit during winter for its moderate climate in winter, making it ideal for exploring.


Done with much of Manali and other places in Himachal, why don’t you try Kasol? The valley and the weather make it a perfect balance that enhances the urge to visit the place that too in a humble budget.


Central India is lush with greenery and is a perfect option for adventure in any season precisely due to its high altitude. Pachmarhi is a must-visit place if you are looking for an adventure that also possesses a great history.


Mussoorie can be another great call for a budget-friendly tour with friends or family, a one-night journey from Delhi, the hilly town of Uttarakhand is well known for its perfect weather and the great sight in winter.


A great place of natural importance in the north of Bengal that leads to other several places in its periphery. Darjeeling can sort out all your expectations in a best low-budget trip moreover when it’s winter.

Mcleod Ganj

A place of natural, cultural, and of course historical importance, a place more with the Tibetan touch falls well under your budget. Mcleod Ganj embraces one and all with its entirely unique cultural fervor.