Mar 31 , 2024

8 Best Movies To Watch On Easter 2024

By True Scoop

Peter Rabbit (2018) It stars the poster bunny for Easter, Peter Rabbit can be a fun watch on Easter 2024.

The Last Temptation of Christ Martin Scorsese's epic portrayal of Jesus of Nazareth in The Last Temptation of Christ is a must-watch.

The Prince of Egypt (1998) Experience the epic tale of Moses and the Exodus in the animated film The Prince of Egypt.

The Passion of the Christ Mel Gibson's controversial yet powerful depiction of Jesus' final hours is must watch in The Passion of the Christ.

Miss Potter (2006) Follow the inspiring journey of beloved author Beatrix Potter as she defies societal expectations in Miss Potter.

The Dog Who Saved Easter Mario Lopez voices Zeus, a canine who takes on the job of saving Easter in The Dog Who Saved Easter.

The Easter Egg Adventure (2004) A little-known animated movie featuring the voice of Brooke Shields, The Easter Egg Adventure is based on a book.

Noah Starring Ema Watson, Noah can be a good watch but it's not an Easter movie.

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