May 11 , 2024

10 Best Poems By Punjabi poet Surjit Patar

By True Scoop

Kuch Keha taan hanera jarega kive: Dr. Surjit Patar, a revered Punjabi poet and writer passed away on 11 May 2024

Dhup suraj di dikhave hor raah: He left for the heavenly abode while being asleep in his Ludhiana home

Kise Khaab jaan khyaal, kise shakhs de jmalein: His cause of death is being reported to be a cardiac arrest

Nit Surjan ne chadhna, nit surjan ne lehna: He was 79 years old and made a good name as a poet and writer

Haneri vi jaha sakdi hai deevey: His poems enjoy immense popularity with the public

Tu bechain kyu hai tu ranjur kyu hai: He was a prominent figure in Punjabi literature

hai mere seene ch kampan mai imtehaan ch haan: He was a great person and idol for some

Dukha Bhareya dil paimana chadd pare: He has also translated the works of prominent figures in literature

Dhukhda jungle-Shook rahe jungle nu: He has received various awards along with the Padma Shri

Mai jad es disha vall turda: People are deeply saddened by the demise of a prominent person

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