Jun 21 , 2024

9 Best Travel Destinations in India for Health Tourism

By True Scoop

Kerala: Famous for Ayurvedic treatments, serene backwaters, and rejuvenating wellness retreats in natural surroundings.

Rishikesh: Renowned for yoga, meditation centers, and holistic healing amidst the tranquil Himalayan foothills.

Goa: Offers Ayurvedic spas, wellness resorts, and picturesque beaches for relaxation and health rejuvenation.

Bangalore: Known for advanced medical facilities, specialized treatments, and holistic wellness centers.

Pune: Home to numerous Ayurvedic centers, wellness retreats, and top-tier medical facilities for health tourism.

Chennai: Leading destination for advanced medical treatments, renowned hospitals, and wellness programs.

Mumbai: Offers world-class healthcare services, wellness centers, and a variety of holistic treatment options.

Hyderabad: Famous for medical tourism with state-of-the-art hospitals and comprehensive wellness services.

Dharamshala: Perfect for spiritual healing, meditation, and yoga retreats in the serene Himalayan environment.

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