Jun 26 , 2024

7 Breathtaking Places in India to Explore in July

By True Scoop

Leh-Ladakh: Experience stunning landscapes, high-altitude lakes, and unique culture in the Himalayan region.

Spiti Valley: Discover serene monasteries, dramatic landscapes, and quaint villages in this remote valley.

Valley of Flowers: Witness vibrant alpine blooms and picturesque scenery in this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Munnar: Enjoy lush tea gardens, cool climate, and breathtaking views in Kerala's hill station.

Udaipur: Explore romantic palaces, serene lakes, and rich heritage in the City of Lakes.

Cherrapunji: Experience lush greenery, living root bridges, and spectacular waterfalls in Meghalaya's monsoon season.

Coorg: Delight in scenic coffee plantations, misty hills, and pleasant weather in Karnataka's highlands.

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